Our Agreement with You

We pledge to use the best efforts of trained and credentialed professionals (see About Us) to provide parents or guardians with an early warning of significant difficulties that may affect their daughter's or son's completion of her or his first year of college or university.  Each and every interaction between the csMentor program and your son/daughter is developed in advance and supervised by our lead mentors.

I understand and accept that as a parent or guardian of the student identified below,  I will receive periodic reports from csMentor based on my daughter's or son's answers to a set of questions included in each "Mentoring Interactive Program" (MIP) that csMentor sends weekly.  csMentor's responsibility is limited to scheduled reports, or more frequent reporting on an "as warranted" basis at csMentor's sole discretion.  csMentor will refrain from any intervention beyond notifying you in a timely fashion if csMentor professional staff concludes that a discussion by you with your student may be appropriate. csMentor shall only collect information, and share that information upon examining it through its research algorithms with both the parent and the student. As a limited information collection and dissemination party, csMentor shall not act for, on behalf of, or any other context other than information collection and dissemination. I understand that purchase of the csMentor program includes no express or implied guarantee of my son's or daughter's college performance or social adjustment. I agree to hold csMentor harmless for any adverse actions, outcomes, or behaviors on the part of your daughter/son enrolled in the csMentor program.

I understand that the csMentor program includes short communications accessed on a mobile device and/or the Web.  I agree to answer honestly and promptly a few brief multiple-choice questions included in each "Mentoring Interactive Program" that I receive. I further understand that my specific answers will remain confidential and private - only a general progress report will be sent to my parent/guardian and me. I agree that csMentor can communicate directly with my parent/guardian regarding my progress.