csMentor helps your student succeed

A unique college survival safety net 

csMentor steps in where colleges all too often fail - helping freshmen successfully adjust to campus and study.   csMentor works directly with individual students. We work with each student online and on their mobile device.  We even work with students in advance to prepare them to get off on the right foot.  

Our regular Mentoring Interactive Programs (MIPs) combines regular online “Check-Ins”  with proactive, week-by-week videos sent by our mentors.  csMentor alerts parents and students to potential academic and social problems before they escalate out of control.  See a sample "MIP."


 How csMentor helps your student  

1) Proven college-success advice from from our mentors sent online and via mobile to your student.  Covers timely topics such as: 

Train for Your Big Academic Event This Fall!

How to Handle Having Second Thoughts About Going to College

How to Ask for Help in College

Coping with Homesickness

Professor 'Bonding'

Don't Skip a Single Class

...and many more 

2)  Weekly set of "Check In" questions. Each Check-In asks your son or daughter to answer a few, minimally intrusive questions.  The questions are designed by experts with years of college-counseling experience. Her or his answers help reveal their progress in social adjustment, academic behavior, confidence, and other factors. csMentor summarizes and analyzes that information.

 3)  Progress Report available online each week that you and your student can share and discuss.


 When does my student begin the csMentor program?  

Your student can begin to benefit from csMentor at any time after she or he receives their college acceptance - through to the end of their college freshman year!

What is a “MIP”?

Your student receives a regular  Mentoring Interactive Program (MIP) on his or her Android, iPhone, other mobile device and laptop. Each MIP is designed to be completed in just a few minutes. What is in a MIP?

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Innovative mentoring technology

csMentor sends weekly Mentoring Interactive Programs (MIPs) to your student's supported mobile device and his or her PC. Students can log in using Facebook Connect. These on-demand communications are designed for the student to access using the technologies with which they are most comfortable.

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What reports do parents and their students receive?

Parents and their students share an identical weekly report that summarizes the student’s cumulative responses on Check-In questions. The questions are designed by educational psychologists with years of experience working with first-year college students. We promise students that their actual answers will be kept private – only summarized in reports to students and parents. While csMentor doesn’t intervene, our goal is for the reports to open a more reality-based discussion.

See a sample weekly report

Who are your mentors?

The csMentor team is composed of individuals trained and motivated to help students make it through their freshman year. Our college-life survival mentoring videos are developed by the csMentor team guided by an advisory board of educators, counselors, and college students.  

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What incentives do students have to participate?

A better question is what incentive does a student have NOT to participate? Students want to succeed in college and graduate. Just as badly as their parents want it for them. csMentor is there to help students reach that goal. We find that students participate regularly because of what we guarantee them.

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