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State of College Education

Nudge, Nudge


The laments are shrill and unending:  “How can young people EVER expect to do well in school if they never look up from their mobile devices?!”  


Happily, a turn-lemons-into-lemonade approach may be a part of the answer. Research is demonstrating the positive impact of text-message “nudges” on students preparing for college.  Even routine reminders and alerts – e.g., completing financial aid forms, remembering to send in a dorm deposit – seem to play an even larger role in helping students stay focused and confident. 


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csMentor News

KIPP DC Partnering with csMentor


Fairfax, VA. – csMentor, Inc., announced today that it will partner with KIPP DC schools over three years to help college-bound KIPP DC alumni successfully prepare for and complete their first year of college.The csMentor program monitors students’ adjustment to college life via interactive, multimedia modules that students access via smart phone and tablets.


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